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All You Ought to Know about Mace Sprays

When it comes to self defense products, mace has been proven to be the best product through research. A lot of people prefer to buy mace because it protects them from intruders, thieves, enemies, or wild animals. One of the sprays that mace international manufactures is mace spray. This company is popular to many because it produces self defense and security products. In many cases, two ingredients are the ones used to make mace spray. The first ingredient used to make this self defense product from this site is OC pepper. The most extremely provocative spray is OC peppery spray, and that’s why it is used. This ingredient cause eyes to shut, throat to swell resulting to choking, intense face and skin burning, and also running nose.

CS tear gas is the second ingredient used to make this defense product at this link. The eyes produce tears and disorientation when this product is used. These two ingredients are combined together by the manufacturing company to make them more effective self defense weapons. There is an increase in crime rate these days. Because of that, the popularity of self defense products have also grown. In some countries, self defense products are not legally allowed to be used while in others, the sale of mace is legalized.

They are mostly used to fed off attackers or find a chance to escape. The difference in mace sprays is brought by the difference in weight and also capacities. Some can be carried on the pocket while others are carried by drivers who travel during the night or unsafe places. Pulses can also be used by ladies to carry these mace sprays because in rape cases, they can rescue them when used. You should remain calm and alert when you are in a dangerous place or situation. You will be able to strike mace on the hostile person who might be threatening you when you remain calm. When mace spray is being used you should aim the nozzle towards the direction of the unfriendly person or attacker.

Safe places should be designated for these mace sprays even if they protect us from attackers. The best place to place these mace sprays where they cannot be reached by your children, and that has to be ensured. In those countries that have restricted the sale of self defense products such as mace, they are used by law enforcement and security agencies. There is a difference in mace sprays because there are those designed to be used against animals and others against humans. You should use mace sprays that are specifically effective against animals if you are walking in areas with wild or dangerous animals. Other defense products are not affordable like mice sprays, and that’s why many people buy them. Click this website to know more about self-defense, visit

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